Outdated models compared to electronic cigarettes today

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We must be wary:

Certainly, we must be wary with investigations and studies published on the e-cigarette. Recently in the magazine of 60 million consumers failed to mention in its article titled “not so harmless electronic cigarette” that carbon monoxide or tar, fine particles, had been found in their steam, which are the three main poisons of tobacco smoke. Here are the details of the devices used and their uses that are made ​​at the very end of the article, yet essential information to understand the results when they are discovered.

Today’s models are much more efficient and if you smoke more than 15 cigarettes per day, it should direct you to the larger models that resemble pens more than the conventional cigarettes. Above all, you can take kits containing two e-cigarettes, which are essential to keep the day going. Namely: Forum vapoteurs offers a guide to choose the electronic cigarette.

Pick a model of Stardust type, they are consistent with the majority of beginners, and whose cartridge can be easily filled with liquid nicotine.Also, other equally effective models can be offered. Take several bottles of nicotine, eg 10 ml, in order to vapoter as needed and choose a concentration of 16, 18 or 19 mg of nicotine.

If you still are unable to sufficiently reduce your number of remaining cigarettes, and for example you have left 3, 4 or 5 (the hardest … ), know that you can totally involve a strong patch per day to help you, while continuing to vapoter.

Of course, you can totally see your tobaccologist to benefit from his advice as therapy may be useful too.
Finally, you must be very confident that the electronic cigarette is infinitely less dangerous than tobacco. Vapoterez or more you use patches and less you smoke, the more it will be good for your health and your project withdrawal.

One third of vapoteurs persist of e-cigarettes

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If we now look at the number of people who abandoned their project, we found that only 8% always wore a patch six months later, against 33% of vapoteurs who are still using their electronic cigarettes.

Remember that in practice? The e-cigarette is effective in smoking cessation. It is at least as much as the patch or more to reduce its consumption. Finally, those who try are more likely to persist in this path.

About the harmfulness of the e-cigarette, the debate remains open, but what is certain is that it is incomparably less toxic than the real cigarette.

Superiority of e-cigarette on the patch

The researchers were interested in some 657 smokers who wanted to give up cigarettes. Half of them have used nicotine patches to facilitate weaning, others have used the famous e-cigarette. Verdict, six months later, 5.8% of patched actually stopped their consumption of cigarettes, against 7.3% vapoteurs.

This difference was however not considered significant. In other words, researchers have found similar efficiency between the patch and the e-cigarettes. In contrast, among those who failed weaning, the e-cigarette has proved clearly superior to patches to reduce the total number of cigarettes smoked: 57% vapoteurs halved their consumption of cigarettes, against 41% of smokers wearing a patch.